Alisia Senegal,
New Orleans Voodoo Dancer



"UNLIMITED SKILLS has GREAT personal trainers! Ivan's workouts are extremely challenging and he keeps you motivated the entire time. Not only has he trained me, but he has also worked with Loyola's dance team when I was the captain. He developed a workout plan and a nutrient guide for the team to follow. Ivan goes above and beyond to help his clients reach their fitness goals."



"Ivan is a very kick ass trainer!!!! If you truly you want to loose weight and achieve long lasting results he is the guy for you. Some days you will leave the gym highly annoyed at him and thats how you know you have a GREAT trainer. He will push you pass your limits :) Not only is Ivan a great trainer he is very reliable and consistent with his work ethic which was very important to me. Ivan started off as my trainer and ended up being a mentor."

Thea Celestine
The Marin Family



"Three years ago we were looking to improve our sons Mako and Maverick's

basketball skills. Mr. Gerard who's grandson was on Mako's team recommended the Unlimited Skills Training Program. They have been going ever since twice a week and their game and skills have improved dramatically to the point that both kids are on AAU teams and enjoying their basketball experience. We definetely recommend the Unlimited Skills Training Program to anyone looking for great training, mentoring, role models, and overall improvement for their son or daughter."




"UNLIMITED SKILLS has excellent trainers. They know basketball and they know how to teach kids basketball. They make it fun while always drilling hard on the fundamentals. They teach about attitude, which entails overcoming challenges, having a positive attitude, and the importance of hard work. The kids get a lot basketball skills from them but they get many other vaulable aspects from them that go beyond basketball as well."

Tommy Usdin
The Trahan Family

"All that can be said about UNLIMITED SKILLS is "WOW"! The trainers are amazing in their uncanny ability to connect with their players. They have that special knack and power of keenly taking their players to a place far beyond what is normal and expected! They cover such a wide spectrum of development transferred to the players. They offer a comprehensive program that focuses on fundamentals, effective executions, and skillful ingenuity. They strategically aim to cultivate strong, disciplined, basketball players who are ready, willing, and able to step to the next level of personal growth, sportsmenship, technique, and most importantly RESPECT for themselves and others. Ivan and Patrick train with an unselfish passion and genuine love of the game! We are so pleased and impressed as we have watched our son's progressive growth and maturation in all areas! We wouldn't have it any other way."

Lanise Mckenzie


"I had never trained with anyone before I started with Ivan. I actually had never played sports or done anything athletic. I met Ivan by chance through my coworkers and told him of my longtime desire to be fit. We planned a session and he's been my personal trainer ever since. From my very first session up to my most recent ones, his workouts kicked my butt every time. But I can honestly say that I have become stronger, leaner, and more confident. Ivan's workouts are creative, diverse, and hard hitting. He is a great motivator and truly has a knack for training. What I love most is that I can always get good work in despite my hectic schedule. I can test my limits in 90 minutes or even a short 20-30 minutes. Saying you don't have time to train is not a vaid excuse."